Some materials used in these collections are upcycled scrap fabric!!! I bought a sewing machine in the summer of 2019 and started developing my sewing skills. I lovve fun, funky, sparkly fabrics and after creating a garment there is ususally a good amount of leftover fabric that isn't typically enough to make any other clothes with...I challenged myself to make less waste and so it got me do I give this scrap fabric a purpose? How can I turn these scraps into something functional?? These scraps that otherwise would have ended up in the landfill...and I developed Rainbow Janes.

If any seamstresses or crafters are interested in donating or selling scraps from fun print cottons, sequins, etc. please feel free to email me at

I started incorporating custom printed cork fabric into the designs last year to give the products more stability with added sparkle and flash! Cork is a sustainable material which comes from the cork trees of South America. Cork can be taken from the tree without destruction of the tree itself. This material is flattened and backed on mesh or cotton meaning it is animal product free, weather resistant, and having a vendor that will custom print anything means the possibilities are endless!