About Us

    Hello friends! This is Alli Robbins, creator of Rainbow Janes!

    A little about me...I am a nurse anesthetist by trade working in a busy teaching hospital here in central Virginia. I have been a nurse for 14 years and deeply committed to providing excellent patient care to all our patients! I am a mom to a fantastic 10 year old girl who is my side kick and helper, partner to a fabulous guy named Justin, and mom to our 2 fur babies, Roscoe and Jax. Over the past few years my creative side has been calling to me and I finally bought a sewing machine that quickly became a new passion. Making clothes is an amazing skill to have and instead of shopping for clothes...I shop for fabric!

    A little about the business...Rainbows are my sign from above that I am on the right life path. I believe deeply that when we explore our inner shadows and release shame from our lives, that we start becoming the person we were meant to become. I follow the rainbows in my life and trust they lead me on the right path...and they have thus far! Jane was my grandmother, Della Jane, who I am named after as I am Allison Jane, and now my daughter is Clara Jane...hence Rainbow Janes was born!

    A little about the purpose...Although sewing and creating is a passion of mine, I recognize that the fashion industry and production of fabric is not a sustainable practice. Much of the clothing and fabric not bought by consumers end up in landfills. I have not throw away any of my scrap fabric from prior projects and I created a design that turns scrap fabric into beautiful light weight earrings, giving the scrap fabric a purpose and keeping it out of the landfill! I also believe in this day and age we need to look out for each other and giving back to charity is one way to do that! 100% of the proceeds from my first launch in July 2020 went to a Black Lives Matter charity. From then on donations are made regularly to a chosen charity. Guys...I am REALLY excited about this!!!!

    Earrings are the only offering available for this launch but stay tuned for more! Sign up for the VIP family updates and be the first to know when more is coming!!!!