Rainbow Janes: The Brand

rainbow janes logo handmade by alli

When I bought my sewing machine not even 2 years ago, I knew it was something more. There was something trying to come through me as a business venture. It was a knowing. But I had to be patient and let it work its way into this world. As I made clothes and projects, I started collecting A TON of fantastic fabrics and patterns. Any sewist can tell you it is Pandora’s box…it’s a never-ending rabbit hole of knits, woven cottons, rayon, jersey etc. I could go on and on. But as I finished projects, the amount of scraps and waste produced was undeniable.  An idea started coming to me about using the scraps for something. Creating a sustainable business that would reuse and repurpose the waste from one project and make it into a beautiful product of its own. I remember running out to my local craft store and immediately buying earring supplies and making my first earring prototype. I had an idea!! And I ran with it. A business of handmade goods using and repurposing scrap fabric into beautiful creations.


But I knew NOTHING about business. Zero, nada, zilch. I knew I wanted this business to be scalable. So, I took a business class!! I know…me…the nurse anesthetist…with a bachelor’s degree in biology, a bachelor’s in nursing, and a Masters and Doctorate in Nurse Anesthesia (yeah I know…I went alllllll the way through school!!) I signed up for an online business class!! I learned about scaling an online business, marketing, and starting a website. And guess what?? I decided that I CAN do this!! Isn’t it funny that sometimes the only thing in our way is ourselves? I still feel that way believe me but I am getting there!


This idea was birthed at the start of the 2020 social justice revolution, as we all witnessed George Floyd murdered on a busy city street. And that affected me. I wanted to do something, to contribute but what? Not only did I want to start a business using and repurposing scrap fabric, I wanted it to mean something. I was angry like a lot of Americans that we are born into this system that is set up to have some people succeed and some fail. I was inspired by this movement and in my first launch in July 2020 I donated 100% of the profits to charity. I split the donation between 2 charities, one national, one local that work towards equality and social justice for all. To read more about the charities I supported click here for the Blog post. Being able to donate to these organizations made my heart sing. With subsequent launches, I was able to donate more to other organizations and charities that I believe in. What’s funny is that my business is taking on my personality and beliefs!!! OF COURSE it has because it’s truly an extension of ME! 


And that brings me to the name!! I had this wonderful business idea but what about the name?? It took months of brainstorming lists of names and combinations to come up with the perfect name. It had to be creative, versatile, unique and personal to me. When I would come up with one I really liked I would bounce it off people I loved and trusted, and there was always someone along the way that wouldn’t like the name…My wonderfully, amazing partner, Justin, liked his idea of General Sews (hahaha) which made me laugh buuuuut NOPE. Well one day it finally came. For the past few years I felt called to take a deep dive into my spirituality practice. During this time, it was like a flood gate opened and I started receiving unbelievable signs from the Universe that I was on the right life path. Rainbows were the first sign that started coming though on the regular, sometimes multiple times per day. Not only did I see rainbows in the sky but I would see stickers, jewelry, clothes, signs, and as I started talking about it I would see more. My friends started sending me their rainbow pics, we even saw a rainless rainbow one day…YES you read that right, a rainless rainbow!!! We were at a rooftop bar for a drink at sunset, clear and not a raincloud in sight and saw a rainbow!! It was INCREDIBLE. “Rainbow” fits me and every part of my being. It’s the sign I see that makes me surrender, trust, and have faith that my life, my choices, and all that is present, is meant to be. The next part was simple, “Jane”. I am Allison Jane, named after my grandmother, Della Jane, and my daughter is Clara Jane. It is a namesake that means so much to me. My grandmother passed away when I was 12 but has been the most present spirit in my life since her passing. We are connected. I’ve always felt her, sometimes I can smell her, and when I see a great blue heron I always say hello. She is always a protective, guarding light and her influence touches every part of this business…so “RAINBOW JANES” it is!!!


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